Fiberglass Hot Tub: How it's Made?

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Fiberglass Hot Tub from Balticora Ltd.: How it’s Made?

Balticora Ltd. is engaged in the contract manufacture of outdoor hot tubs and other bath tubs from fiberglass (FRP/GRP) and other composite materials. Due to the distinctive characteristics of fiberglass (corrosion resistance, temperature/fire resistance, UV resistance and etc.) and extensive experience in the manufacture of products from fiberglass composites, the company carries out its activities in SPA industry.

Our experience enables us to handle the most complex orders from the presentation of an idea to serial production. This includes the production of prototypes and molds, product testing and mass production.


The following technology is used for the production of fiberglass hot tubs:

Manual lay-up. First, the gel coat (thickened colour resin), which may be of any RAL colour, is sprayed onto the product mold. Second, the fiberglass matting is added onto the mold. Finally, the resin is added to the matting.  The gel coat fully binds with the resin-impregnated matting. The impregnated fiberglass matting in the mold is left to dry, which will be removed later.

This technique is used for the manufacture of small ofuro baths, medium outdoor hot tubs, unusual-form pools or one-off products.

Advantages of the fiberglass composite hot tubs:

  • Working temperature range from -100 °C to +220 °C
  • Low weight, because of the wall thickness 3-5 mm
  • Long lifetime
  • Beautiful look and sensible in use
  • Practical use
  • Easy cleaning

Fiberglass hot tubs with integrated wood fired heater form stainless steal

Balticora Ltd. uses high quality heaters, welded from 3mm stainless steel sheet. Heat Exchanger is installed inside the heater. The stainless steal wood fired heater is integrated in the fiberglass hot tub, therefore no additional pumps are required for circulation. The heating process of the water leads to its natural circulation. You can use the stainless steal heater in deep winter (in minus temperatures) and no electricity is required! It takes approximately 1.5-3 hours to heat the water in the hot tub till 37 °C, whereas in comparison the electric heater takes 16-24 hours.

LED lights with a lifetime of 50,000 hours

Elegant and professional light design in different colours and sizes:

  • Ø52 mm underwater light with 18 diodes – white or blue
  • Ø83 mm underwater light with 51 diodes for our custom hot tubs and SPA – white or blue

The colour changing models provide you with colour therapy with 7 colours.

LED light features:

• Colour change and selection

• Colour therapy

• Elegant design

• IPX5 on the back and IPX8 on the front

• Long lifetime

• Minimal heat emission

• Stainless steel

Air bubble system / air massage system

The air massage system ensures the silent experience. The system meets Class I standard according to European standard EN60335-1.


  • Automatic dry-out system
  • Electronic or pneumatic switch on/off buttons
  • Excellent performance
  • Stainless steel air jets

Hot tub bottom

Balticora Ltd. differently from the other manufacturer or suppliers, provides the fiberglass hot tubs with the metal construction at the bottom. That is why our hot tub stands tightly on the ground. The special bottom construction protects hot tub from dirt and outside moisture. Moreover, the it doubles as insulation.


The hot tub is insulated with the PU – foam.

Have a nice bathing!

Your team


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